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If you currently live in an apartment or have in the past, you know how different Winnipeg apartment moving is compared to a moving a household. While homes typically have a driveway and plenty of space to maneuver around, apartment moves involve tight hallways and steep staircases. A lesser Winnipeg apartment moving company may have difficulty with an apartment move but here at Traditional Moving and Storage we offer an expert-level personal approach to your relocation needs. Our plan for success begins with assessing the moving site and assigning a move coordinator to provide you a free on-site quote.

Your move coordinator will factor in variables including moving environment, the amount of items being moved, and the final destination and the quote you receive that day. The moving date and time is completely up to you and we are more than willing to accommodate your professional and personal lifestyle when performing the relocation. When moving day arrives your move coordinator will also be your single point of contact with any questions you may throughout the process.

Apartment Movers in Winnipeg

We strive to be the best in all we do and will work hard to exceed your expectations of what an apartment moving company in Winnipeg can do for you. Here are some of the benefits you will receive when you choose Traditional Moving and Storage.

  • Pre-Move Survey
  • Familiarity with Area
  • State-of-the-art Moving Equipment
  • Door-to-door Delivery
  • Polite Customer Service

Are you ready for a free quote on your Winnipeg apartment moving services?  Fill out our quick form or call us to speak with a Traditional Moving and Storage representative. We can answer all of your questions fast and easy; contact us now!